Compliance makes perfect


Instant Advice is looking to revolutionize the way skin care brands interact with customers. With advanced AI technology, Instant Advice practically puts a personal skin therapist in the customer’s pocket that gives personalized feedback, progress reports and encouragement to continue the treatment. We believe compliance makes perfect.


With the user in focus

A new way of interacting and communicating with your customers - that's what we are all about.

Many customers that have bought a skin care product quit treatment after only a few weeks. That's what we want to change. Because if we can get the customer to use the product longer, chances are that the results are better.

Cutting edge technology

With advanced AI-based image analysis, our application can track the progress during treatment, and encourage the customer. With continuous interaction and encouragement, it's like having your personal skin therapist in your pocket!

About us

Instant Advice is a young company with an experienced team on an ambitious mission. We are determined to make a difference when it comes to compliance – no matter what treatment. Compliance is king when it comes to results. Using cutting-edge technology we can make customer interaction both seamless and personalized. For brands this means a whole new and exciting ball game with more (smart) touch points with the customer. For the customer, it means tailored feedback, higher motivation, better results and a better brand experience. In short – a classic win-win.

Want to know more?

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